CG Air 700 watt Air Blower

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Hot Tub Air Blower 700W

This high quality non heated 700 watt air blower is manufactured by CG Air of Canada and commonly found on Canadian & north American built hot tubs and spas. Known to be fitted to Canadian Spas portable range the haliburton & muskoka and some of their older large spas.

In our personal opionion this is probably one of the best air blowers you can buy on the market due to its compact size, longlife brushes and its ability to run quieter than most other air blowers.

These CG air blowers can be fitted to any spa electrical control system, this particular CG air model comes with a 3 core cable with bare wire ends so it can be spliced on to your existing cable and plug or straight on to your circuit board using spade crimp connectors.

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Power: 230V AC 50Hz
Watt: 700 W
Ampere: 2,6 A
HP: 0,94
Dimensions: L 240mm x W 160mm x H 180mm
Connection:1.5" Rigid or Flexi Pipe
Additional notes: Also known as the millennium edition. Made in Canada found on various North American Spas.

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