Gecko control pack IN.XM

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Inventive spa pack platform IN.XM

Our new and innovative in.xm spa pack platform includes all the features and functions the spa and hot tub industry expects in a stunning new power box design that breaks all rules and standards with its superb combination of looks and functionality.

Highest water resistance ever designed in a pack!

With its waterproof enclosure and breakthrough connectors, our in.xm boasts the highest water resistance ever designed in a pack, just one of a long list of innovative features that make in.xm the safest and most reliable spa pack platform ever offered.

Totally sealed, our new pack offers the best protection against accidental water infiltration. No water can be in direct contact with the board and other electronic components.

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Sturdy, compact and thin, in.xm is a perfect fit!

Sturdy, compact and thin, in.xm is a perfect fit in any cramped spa equipment compartment. Heater-"less", it can drive the most demanding pumps, blowers, accessories and AV equipment of today's best selling spas and hot tubs. In.xm is fully compatible with its perfect companion, our new in.therm intelligent remote water heating system.

Packed with innovative features and ground-breaking flexibility!

In.xm new terminal bloc is sure to please installers with more room to insert wires and make connections.

Our pack boasts the first ever UL approved kinetic heating protection shutting all accessories off when it senses a water overheat making in.xm the safest platform in the industry.

In.xm has also a clever water temperature refresh algorithm that starts pumps whenever needed.


Power: 230V AC 50Hz
Pump 1: Single or dual speed + circulation pump
Pump 2: Single or dual speed
Pump 3: Single speed
Air blower: Single speed
Heater: Seperated item IN.THERM
Ozone: 1 x
Light :1 x
Radio, TV/AV: 1 x

Connections: n/a remote system
Dimensions: L 422mm x H 253mm x D 75mm
Compatible with: Topsides, IN.K400, IN.K600, IN.K100, IN.K200 and IN.K450.
Additional notes: We advise to use this control box only for like for like replacement only. This is a generic unlicensed control box. This unit must be fitted by a competent individual or tradesman. Incorrect installation could invalidate warranty.

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